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Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 14g, 81s, 38c
Max Coin: 15g, 90s, 43c
Faction Changes:

You'll need to be a level 50 or higher tradeskiller to obtain this quest. Be aware that the denizens of both Grobb and Tupta will attack you on sight unless you've done the quests given or otherwise raised your faction with each above -40,000 and the teleport offered by Liaison Mug to Tupta and by Liaison Varick Stoutheart to Grobb will drop you in the middle of the destination villages. Unless your faction is sufficient or you're a high enough adventure level that the guards are grey, use caution. Also be aware that if you can't fly, falling through the many gaps in Tupta will result in an obscenely long drop.

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Aymee Quickspoke ( 1866, 452, 847 ) of The Far Seas Trading Company has asked that I seek out her fellow liaisons in the Moors of Ykesha.

She will port you to Firmroot Moot at any time while you have this quest, and recommends you speak to the Balloon Safety Conductors (who run the Balloon Pads) along the way so you can return. Each Liaison can teleport you to the next but only after you have finished their quest and before you finish the next one. You don't have to do these in order, but it makes travel easier.

On the other hand, you can run around using the balloons and sneakiness and get all of the quests at once, then go do all the crafting ones in one batch. This does save you some considerable back and forth time.

  • I should seek out and assist Liaison Mug, at in Firmroot Moot.
    • Take the Balloon to Firmroot Moot. Mug is at 163, -89, -465
    • Sub-quest: Fighting Swamp Foot. Mug needs you to make some boots.

  • I should seek out and assist Liaison Varick Stoutheart in Tupta.
    • If you don't get a telelport from Mug, take the Balloon from Firmroot Moot to Tupta. Varick Stoutheart is at -8, -54, 834
    • Sub-quest: Berry Good, Sir. Collect dried Tuptan berries. This quest can be quite difficult if you haven't raised your faction with Tupta to non-KOS level.

  • I should seek out and assist Liaison Zubzub in Grobb.
    • If you don't get a teleport from Varick, take the Balloon back to Firmroot Moot, then run to Grobb (NOTE: There is no balloon service to/from Grobb. Best path is: fly to Tupta and have Varick teleport you to Grobb. This will work until you complete Buckle Down). Zubzub is at -444, -76, -913 .
    • Sub-quest Buckle Down. Make 100 polished buckles.

  • I should seek out and assist Liaison Alden Strongaxe at The Overlook.
    • If you don't get a teleport from Zubzub, take the Balloon back to Firmroot Moot, then to The Overlook. Alden Strongaxe is at -1119, -106, -268
    • Sub-quest: Midday Perk. Make 200 Alden's Axe-Strong Brew.

  • I should seek out and assist Liaison Quinn Wobble in The Shadowed Cleft. If you don't get a teleport from Alden, take a Balloon to the Tillage Patch, then another to The Shadowed Cleft. Quinn Wobble is at -1489, -1006, -36 .

  • I should seek out and assist Liaison Agata in the Tillage Patch. If you don't get a port from Quinn, take the Balloon to the Tillage Patch. Agata is at the Tillage Patch at -809, -917, -397

FSTC Supplies Chest
FSTC Supplies Chest
If you fail and run out of the ingredient you were given during one of the sub-quests, click on a chest that appears right next to the quest giver and you will receive another 10 of the ingredient. In fact, you can do this before you have tried to make them. It will not fill up your bags as all of the unused item will vanish when you turn in the assignment.

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