The Domination of Phrotis  

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Elemental Dominance

This quest is part 13 of 13 for the Fabled version of the Conjuror-only Epic Weapon, Elemental Dominance.

Next Step is to Dominate Phrotis. This is in a solo instance, The Elemental Chamber.

He is surrounded by 4 Elementals, Fire, Earth, Water and Air, which are initially untargetable. You need to Query and Dominate Phrotis for your epic. You can Query him any time, but he can only be Dominated below 10% health.

Click on the brazier behind him to start the fight. After he is engaged, he will emote every 20 seconds that he is drawing energy from the elementals and looks towards one of them which will become targetable targetable. You will be able to see which one is targetable because it's name will be displayed about it.

Now you need to react quickly and target it, Query it and Dominate it. You will only need to Query each elemental once; subsequent times you can just Dominate it.

If you fail to to Dominate the elementals as they become targetable:

  • Fire will damage you, around 1k
  • Air will hit you with a very long Stifle. It's long enough that your best bet is to zone and start over.
  • Water has a 50% heal, which isn't so bad but still consumes time.
  • Earth adds and hits like a truck but has very few hps.

If you succeed in Dominating the elements as they become targetable you gain benefits:

  • Fire gives damage to Phrotis
  • Air gives a Stifle so Phrotis can not use his stun/teleport against you
  • Water heals you
  • Earth's add becomes a swarm pet for you.

Note that you don't actually have to do any personal damage to Phrotis, as Fire and Earth do sufficient damage to him, without taxing your mana. You can completely dedicate your manapool to other things.

At 1% Phrotis stops taking damage. Just Query and Dominate him for your epic. This must be done fast, as he starts spamming the elements.

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Phrotis' Exertion: Reckless Strength
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