Heroes Honored  

Quest is givin by Gurlig Valorheart.

  1. Find clues in The Ruins of Guk: Halls of the Fallen on the nature of the Ykesha curse, and the fate of those who stood against it.
    • Find five written clues as to what may have been the thoughts of the last frogloks within the Ruins of Guk. These are ground spawn pages.
      • 10, -31, -107 - closest page to the entrance, east from the first pool
      • -64, -66, -304 - after killing Froppit the Everliving.
      • -11, -59, -263 - to the east as you drop down to the pool after killing Molinap the Destructor.
      • 91, -64, -283 - near a Ghoul Usurper.
      • 148, -61, -392 - in the room with Lord Kurpep.
    • Find 10 clues as to the fate of the froglok defenders within Guk. These are updates from killing trash mobs.
    • Find any evidence of the followers of the Shin Lord's plan to defend agains the curse. NOTE: Do not zone or camp after this step and she shard is NO ZONE, NO RENT.
      • Kill Lord Kurpep and loot a shard of the Eye of Marr. Place the shard on top of the large crystal, which radiates a strange energy causes the Ykeshan's curse. This will update for the whole group.
  2. Report to Gurlig.

Moors of Ykesha
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