The Wheel of Vaniki  

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Vaniki's Ring
The Wheel of Vaniki

This quest is initiated by speaking with Surveyor Menak at the east nomad camp in the northeast part of the western half of Commonlands ( 43,-24,-883 ). He asks you to get the wheel from the camp of little people.

Head to the dreg camp and double-click the rock next to the dock at exactly -233.53,-47.98,13.60 to receive the Wheel of Vaniki.

Go back to Surveyor Menak and he will tell you to talk to Engineer Klaaska ( -20,-40,-890 ). Klaaska is just to the east of Menak. Talk to him and he tells you to find 3 things.

  1. Sacred Bottle of Contentment - It is just south of the dock where you found the wheel, and resembles a group of bottles on the shoreline. ( -288,-48,+135 ).
  2. Vial of Interaction - Just slightly east of the dock where you found the wheel. The vial is a single bottle inside a little 1-room hut of the Dregs. ( -243,-48,-7 )
  3. Ancient Alkaline Barrel - In the east nomad camp near one of the tents, at -154,-47,-828 .

After this you should examine the Wheel of Vaniki. Following that you should return to Engineer Klaaska for your reward.

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