This is the second quest in the Bristlebane deity line.

Garby Gingham Gigglegibber can't believe he got pranked by Tobel Patadash and now he wants to get him back with a prank of his own design. Never being one to turn down a chance to play a prank, I've agreed to help Garby create a pie of his own design."

Garby asks to gather the following ingredients:

  • Foul Dirt: Can be found at the bottom of The Foul Stench pond, just outside of the entrance to Runnyeye 42,5,-859
  • Wasp Guts: Killing any of the wasps nearby Garby (at the front of The Enchanted Lands) will update the quest
  • Wild Apples: Must be harvested from shrubs (mystical natural garden) in The Enchanted Lands or any T4 shrub nodes. These can also be traded, taken from a harvest depot, or bought from the broker.
  • Bugbear Parts: Found in Butcherblock Mountains. The closest ones can be found at 149,228,-194 from Krukiel mobs

Once you've collected everything, take it back to Garby. He'll mix it and give you an uncooked pie, which you cook on the fire at his camp. When you've finished cooking, talk to Garby again to update the quest.

Now take the pie to Tobel Patadash at the end of the dock 1.74,4.48,36.38 and speak with him to update the quest.

Return to Garby for the completion of the quest, your reward and to open up the next quest in the series - Coin Job.

Trial by Pie Bristlebane
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