On The Overlord's Secret Service  

Grants AA
CategoryTenebrous Tangle

This quest is given by A Freeport Emissary in Tenebrous Tangle near the teleportation Spire (he moved with GU54, he was formerly in West Freeport).

He will send you to speak to Jabber Longwind, an aviak near the entrance teleporter. Jabber in turn will give you the Burglars Afoot quest and send you to the Hidden Refuge to speak to the commander of the Freeport contingent, Tayil N'Velex (182, -231, 102). The hidden refuge is found by jumping off the waterfall that falls off the near the entrance. If you do not have a way to slow your fall speed, ie. Hover or somthing like the Cloak of the Harvester, then just aim for the pool at the bottom of the falls, you will not take any damage that way.

Quest Series
Burglars Afoot
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