Gildas' Requests - Part I  

This is the Tier 3 armor quest for good aligned characters of the following classes:

  • Conjuror (Cloth)
  • Illusionist (Cloth)
  • Warlock (Cloth)
  • Wizard (Cloth)

For armor quests for other classes and alignments, see Armor Quest Series.

Start with Gildas Cedartree in The Elddar Grove at 738.82,-21.29,-398.87 . You must kill the following monsters in Antonica:

  • 15 Rotstuffed Scarecrows
  • 14 Necrosis Conscripts (outside of the Condemned Catacombs in Antonica)


  • Kill 14 Caltorsis knights
  • Kill 15 Caltorsis clerics

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