Kleron's Wristguards  

This is one of several armor quests from Kleron Asana in the Nektulos Forest, which can be done in any order. He is at the commonlands camp and no longer roams -302, 0, 138 . For this quest he asks you to:

  • 12 dusk dart glands - Random from dusk darts in the water either side of the docks.
  • Visit the Behemoth Pond. -211, 2.3, -274
  • 18 skeletons - ( Any Dragoons work, north of N'Mar's Ascent at the Valley of the Dead). -415, 76, -1710
  • 5 Rumbleroot drops from random Rumbleroots (Deadly Rumbleroots don't trigger drops). Found near -728, 46.4, -101
  • Return to Kleron to claim your reward.

Kleron's Earring Nektulos Forest
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Kleron's Helmet
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