The Name of Fear  

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Get the quest by examining an idol near the end of Kor-Sha. Only reward listed is 10,950 status points.

  1. Travel to Butcherblock Mountains and speak with Danak Dhorentath, Prophet of Fear. He is on the path to Unrest ( -303, 184, 755 ).
  2. Travel to the Shard of Fear and locate the Essence of Fear. He is in the very back, in front of the fire wall around the temple. ( -8, -2, -300 )
    1. He will send you to defeat the falsity that the children of fear now worship. Go to the Turmoil cemetery in the Shard of Fear and kill "a mass of Iksar spirits" Level 80^^^, an easy kill. It is however immune to any control effects (root/mez/stun).
    2. After killing the mass return to the Essence of Fear.
    3. The Essence of Fear will tell you: "Search through the ruins of a destroyed Iksar city to find the Harbinger"
  3. Travel to Fens of Nathsar and the destroyed iksar city (Ruins of Cabilis) and locate the temple within it. This is the Lost Temple of Cabilis ( -93, 31, -1047 ).
  4. Speak to Xuurk in the Temple and he will complete the quest "The Name of Fear" and offers you The Word of Fear.
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