Seeking Love's Fate Through Valor  

This quest can no longer be started in game.

This quest was removed for 2010

Now that you've earned their trust, Sister Katey Dalwynn tells you the story of the absence of Erollisi Marr, and asks for your help.

  1. Question those dedicated to Mithaniel Marr at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos.
    • Speak to Gaarp Muckflipper at 525, -32, -185 .
  2. Gaarp asks you to obtain Artifacts of Valor from restless Knights of Truth in The Graveyard. You'll need to kill six.
  3. You can enter The Graveyard at -1394, -86, -334 in The Commonlands. Testers report you'll want to dismount and remove all speed buffs.
  4. Your journal now says to see Squire Gluurp in the Commonlands. He's in the Hidden Canyon at 641, -55, 745 .
  5. Gluurp tells you you're missing two Artifacts, and suggests searching the entrance to Befallen. Which, conveniently, you're standing pretty much in front of.
    • The Artifact Sacrifice is a squarish piece of rubble at 645, -64, 826 .
    • The Artifact Valor is also a squarish piece of rubble, at 568, -61, 859 .
  6. Your journal instructs you to mediate on the Artifacts within the entrance to Befallen.
    • In the room where you found Valor, go down the stairs to the alcove between the two staircases ( 552, -70, 869 ) .
    • As you enter the alcove you'll have an enlightening experience
  7. Return to Sister Katey Dalwynn in Antonica and tell her what you've learned.

Your reward is:

a restless Knight of Truth

An enlightening experience

Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.
(Introduced in 2009)

Trivia It is worth noting that, in her story, Sister Katey Dalwynn slips and tells us that Antonia originally came from their isle and that her real name starts with "Sharr"

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