Trial by Pie  

This is the first quest in the Bristlebane deity series.

"Tobel Patadash claims that he is the true prophet of Bristlebane, The Grand Prankster. He seems pretty miffed that Garby Gingham Gigglegibber is also claiming to be the true "profit" of Bristlebane. In true prankster form, I've agreed to help Tobel prank Garby by giving him a Diabolic Spiced Pumpkin Pie. Tobel advised me to speak with pie maker Roselia Goldencrust on how the pie is made. Roselia has set up shop on the Bobick Village Docks."

First you must accept Bristlebane as your deity.

Hail Roselia Goldencrust, she can be found near the mailbox on the Bobick Village Docks in The Enchanted Lands. She'll give you instructions on collecting the following ingredients:

  • 5 ginger roots in Butcherblock Mountains. They are a special node called "ginger root" and can be found around the Druid Ring or by the Griffon Station.
  • Buy 1 spicy faypepper from Preston Pepperpicker at Joolena's Restaurant in Kelethin for 6s at 531.32, 71.2, 295.2 .
  • Harvest 6 Antonican pumpkins at the McQuibble Farm in Antonica at -1895.67, -18.81, -114.73 .

Return to Roselia Goldencrust again and give her all the ingredients. You'll have to wait for Roselia to make the pie.

Deliver the "spiced" pie to Garby Gingham Gigglegibber. Then tell Tobel Patadash the prank is done!

This gives you a Humble Altar of Bristlebane for your home, and opens up the next quest in the series - Prank'd.

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