The Plaguebringer Cometh  

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Scroll: Call of the Plaguebringer
Min Coin: 27g, 35s, 22c
Max Coin: 30g, 38s, 25c
Cloak of Pestilence
Faction Changes:

  1. Slay Elite Aviator Raschaud Tuthosols just outside of Riliss at -104,-26,-152 in Fens of Nathsar.
  2. Find a way to spread the Decaying Agent across Riliss.
    • After Raschaud's death, get on his Sokokar and rain destruction from the sky.
  3. Find and slay Invigilator Warwyn Al'Xi.
    • Warwyn is located at 1300,200,1087 in Bathezid's Watch.
  4. Then use his Sokokar and poison the Sarnaks.
  5. Go to Jaled Dar's Remains in the Field of Bone.
    • The spot you need to summon Hrath is in center of the dragon's rib cage.
  6. Summon and speak to Hrath.
  7. Two waves of mobs and High Priestess Jhanda will spawn. Protect Hrath while he summons Bertoxxulous.
  8. Once the Priestess is dead, wait a moment and Bertoxxulous will spawn. Hail him, go through the text and the quest will be complete.
A Caravan of Death Bertoxxulous
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