A Gallant Confrontation  

CategoryCity Tasks
Level70 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
City Token

Raid Information
Guild Level15
Mentor to15
Sizex2 (Min: x2)
Raid ZoneFiremyst Gully: A Gallant Confrontation
ExpansionThe Shattered Lands
QuestA Gallant Confrontation
Starting ZoneQeynos Harbor or East Freeport
Required by all?unknown
Success3 days 20 hours
Failure8 hours

This is the third Guild City Task Raid in a series of 6 raids designed to teach basic raiding skills. This quest becomes available at guild level 15.



  • 1 - Main Tank: Tank away big fella
  • 2 - Off Tank: Typically only for #1 on the map (3 nameds)
  • 1 - Off Tank Healer:
  • 1 - Off Tank DPS:
  • 7 - Everyone else: on the MT - Healing, DPS'ing ect.., Keep him alive.


Walk Through:
  • Once you enter and after all are situated, move to the left side of map and kill everything outside the fence.
  • There is a group of 3 nameds on the other side of the fence. These bad boys spawn adds from the entrance that run over to you and attack. The adds start coming once you attack their group. So make sure you have everything but them dead.
    • 1 MT - Grabbing the main mob,
    • 1 OT - Grabbing the other 2,
    • 1 OT - Grabbing the Spawned adds.
  • The rest of the area is filled with Heroic Agro trees. I would say kill them, and watch for nameds.
  • The map should help you out for named placement. Details below about map numbers.

Allakhazam credits this post by Raidi Sovin'faile at the SOE Official Forums for the map.
ZAM would like to thank Rayn's EQ2 Raids for some of the information in this article.

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