The Rescue of the Green Hoods  

This quest is given by Sashra Thaltalis in Zek, the Orcish Wastes ( 342, -20, -464 ). It requires that you are level 32+ and have completed the Operation Green Hood quest.

He first sends you to the mine lift to see if it's still functional. Just go there and it'll update your quest. A few orcs will spawn behind you, but you can either sneak through this or fight them--there are about 4, and they don't auto aggro, so if they're greybies, you're all set.

Go back to Sashra, he sends you off to collect five scalps from A Sullon Centurion, A Tallon Raider and A Vallon Grunt. Grunts are near the lumbermill at 577, -21, -242 . Raiders are linked in the camp east of the docks along with Warpriests. Centurians you can find either in a group of two (each a single ^) along the road to the Citadel. You can find a few wandering with a Sullon Lieutenant, and you can find four at the first gate on the way to DFC. This part is timed at 60 minutes, but the timer stops as soon as you get the last kill, so it's not a big problem. Once you have the kills, go back to Sashra.

Now that he takes you seriously, he asks you to go kill Sentry Goorlux. Goorlux is spawned by killing a A Deathfist Sentry near -108, -23, -282 in Zek. He is a 37 or 38^^ mob. Kill him, then go back to Sashra. Again.

Sashra then sends you into DFC to meet with Infiltrator Stryjin.

Infiltrator Stryjin is in the SW tower of the courtyard. Upon zoning in you'll be attacked by archers, and eventually a small wave of orcs, followed up by a named, will run at you. Head for a tower on the east or west side, where there are ladders up, dispatch the wave and named, then go up to the ramparts. Once you reach the SW tower, jump down into the hole there, and Infiltrator Stryjin will be at 30.08,8.67,58.39 .

He asks that you help free three captured Green Hood women by handing them Stones of Recall. When one person hails each woman, the entire group should get the update. The three women are:

  • Wensa Neldora - Found in The Torture Chamber at -22.55,-10,-10.03
  • Shelmay Wavecrest - Found inside a jail cell at -28.88,-10,11.21
  • Rinis Nightsong - Found in The Grand Alchemist Study at -9.17,8,28.81
For Shelmay's update, at least one person in group will need to obtain the key from Chief Torturer Goortz first.

Once you have freed all three women, make your way back to Infiltrator Stryjin and let him know what happened. He doesn't depop, so you don't need to fret about timing on this. He lets you know that Emperor Fyst was carrying the Short Sword of the Ykesha and informs you that you should kill him.

To get Fyst to spawn, you must kill every named in the zone (see this page for a full listing). Clear the bloodguards surrounding Fyst's throne before attacking him or they will assist. Upon his death, the quest will auto-complete.

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