Moving to Qeynos  

Level100 (Scales)
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Note: If you are an evil aligned citizen that is trying to join Qeynos, you must first betray your home city. Exiles must first obtain +10,000 faction with Qeynos by speaking to Gil McMartin in The Commonlands.

Speak to Ambassador Brynhilde Maersdottr at 89, 155, -164 in Frostfang Sea or Ambassador Gibrien Marsden at 457, 89, 229 in Greater Faydark to begin this quest.

Travel to Qeynos Capitol District and speak to Ambassador Duryo Valstath at 556, -10, 168 inside The Coldwind Crier in South Qeynos. This will complete the quest.

Qeynos Betrayal and Citizenship
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Her Cleanliness
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