Ingredients for Valetail Stout  

This quest is given by Bartender Berrystein at the Fool's Gold in Rivervale.

  1. Head outside to the Enchanted Lands and swim in the water at -381.9, -5.28, -4.3 . Return to Bartender Berrystein.
  2. Collect five items from the "buzzies that fly around". These items are a rare drop from Wax Workers in Rivervale. Collect all five and then return to Bartender Berrystein.
  3. Go to Shakey's Farm -329.04, -1.73, -276.50 and kill field frights until Shakey spawns. Kill him, then return to Bartender Berrystein.
  4. Now it's time for a celebration but he seems to need a stein. He will send you to Fredwen Goldsyrup to find the stein; he is also in the Fool's Gold at -71, -25, -58 . This will open the Finding the Valetail Stein quest.

Quest Series
Finding the Valetail Stein
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