Decoration Additions in Gorowyn  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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bag of Gorowyn Frostfell decorations
Frosty Frostfell Tree Ticket

You can to do each city's Decoration Additions quests one time each.

Gutten's Frostfell Tree Lot
Gutten Gigglegibber, at 2669, 5, 1227 , wants you to help decorate Gorowyn, and in return he will "sell" you one of his frosty Frostfell trees.

He gives you a bag of Gorowyn Frostfell decorations.

  1. Locate three places, marked by green shinies, to decorate.
    • On the platform outside The Grand Athenaeum ( 2641,67,1301 )
    • The Arcane Erudition ( 2649,66,1176 )
    • On the end of the pier in the Faydedar Watch by the bell to Kylong Plains ( 2322,2,1456 )
  2. Place a final decoration
    • Timorous Maw ( 2490,34,1345 )
      • After you place the final decoration our old friend Mr. McScroogle will attack you! You may need to be less than cheerful with him.
  3. Return to Gutten Gigglegibber to claim your tree ticket.
  4. Click the large tree like you would a merchant and "buy" your frosted tree from the tree.

Additional lighting and decoration choices on your frosted tree are unlocked by completing the quest, A Frostfell Favor.

All Decoration Additions Quests
Quest Reward Tree Lot Location
Decoration Additions in Freeport Dead Frostfell Tree In West Freeport outside the stables at 162,-4,-98
Decoration Additions in Gorowyn Frosted Frostfell Tree On the ground floor beside the pool at 2670,5,1227
Decoration Additions in Haven Frosted Frostfell Tree Near the mender at -52,-71,-59
Decoration Additions in Kelethin Frosted Frostfell Tree Near the Sylvan Hunters at 219,76,441
Decoration Additions in Neriak Dead Frostfell Tree In the Dockside Markets at -143,13,257
Decoration Additions in New Halas Frosted Frostfell Tree Outside the tunnel to Ravens' Roost at -196,150,-55
Decoration Additions in Qeynos Frosted Frostfell Tree In North Qeynos on the green where the collector stands at 346,-18,-52
Quest Series
Decoration Additions

Occurs annually during the winter holiday season.

Introduced for Frostfell 2008.

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