Ceremony of the Fanged Necklace  

CategoryNektulos Forest
Started Bya mangled necklace of fangs
Required Mobs:
Ceremonial Fanged Necklace

This quest is initiated by examining a mangled necklace of fangs. This item is dropped by grinnins in the Tombs of Night.

You must do the following acts in the Tombs of Night: Retribution or The Tombs of Night:

  • Kill A Hellhound until you have 6 fangs.
  • Kill Vampires until you have two vampire canines.
  • Kill The Leucous Maw at 100.86, -21.64, -114.77 in in The Tombs of Night. (not the Retribution zone but the zone without any ending)

Bloodline Chronicles
Quest Series

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