A Binding Contract  

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Repaired Tome
Do-It-Yourself Tome Repair For Beginners
Far Seas Trading Company Token
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Speak to Cordelia Galeston at 698,24,581 in Butcherblock Mountains to begin this quest.

Cordelia is a representative of the Far Seas Trading company who would appreciate your assistance in repairing a book.

  1. Scribe the recipe that Cordelia gives you titled Do-It-Yourself Tome Repair For Beginners (uses the Geocraft skill)
  2. Click the book on the crate next to Cordelia at 700,24,580 to receive the Damaged Tome and 2 Torn Tome Pages.
  3. Repair the damaged tome. To make a Repaired Tome on the Engraved Desk at 756, 26, 604 , locate the recipe: Tome Repair, and you need:
  4. Return to Cordelia


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