The League  

CategoryLoping Plains
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Whistle of the Freethinker
Choice Of:
Ring of the Haven
Signet of the Haven
Emblem of the Haven
Crest of the Haven
Faction Changes:

  1. Scout the Blackrunner Camp. This is located at/near 215, 90, 89 .
  2. Kill Ahroun blackclaw, Ahroun blackstalker, and Ahroun blackrunner warrior werewolves in that camp. 15 of these will complete this section.
  3. Return to Chardasus Divok. He will give you a flute called "Whistle of the Freethinker". If you lose this flute, you can buy another from him for 24g.
  4. Go up the stairs to Castle Mistmoore. Use the flute at 682, 187, 105 .
  5. Talk to Brand.
  6. Return to Chardasus Divok.

Loping Plains
Quest Series
Village of Somborn
Faction: The League of Freethinkers
Infiltrator in the House of Mistmoore
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