Command of the Draconic language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest is given by Lord Nagafen after you complete the Fire and Ice quest.

Nagafen tells you that Darathar is in the Isle of Refuge and in order to get to him, you need 5 arcane rings. He has one of the 5 rings and he gives it to you. Now it's up to you to recover the remaining four to access The Island of Refuge.

These Drakota's are located in:

(Bloodskull Valley you actually speak to a dead orc, and must speak the Orcish language. He informs you that the orcs have taken his ring and are keeping it in their Citadel. So, head to Deathfist Citadel and enter in the Deathfist Citadel: Assault instance. Once inside you must defeat Regent Grozmag at the top of the throne room.

Once you've collected all the rings, Head to the oracle tower in Antonica. There you will be able to gate back to the Isle of Refuge. NOTE: ALL GROUP MEMBERS MUST HAVE ACCESS TO ZONE IN. (confirmed 1/20/2011)

Defeat Darathar Level 58 Dragon ^^^ in the Island of Refuge instance Darathar's Flight. Fizgig has a nice spoiler for this encounter at the end of the basic spoiler.

Once Darathar is defeated. Head back to Solusek eye and talk to Nagafen for your reward.

After completing this quest you will be able to gain the title "of the Shard".

As alluded to above, here is a spoiler for the Darathar encounter. This spoiler is courtesy of Fizgig:

  • On the Isle of Refuge you will see 2 doors that can be opened before you can continue. Opening one will lock the other. It doesn't matter which one you open. Darathar himself is on the beach. On the way to him are a lot of x2, x3 and x4 groups. You don't have to kill these. You can go to Darathar right away if you have invis.
  • I think Darathar is at version 3.0 now, so this information is valid until SoE changes him again. The encounter can actually be seen as 4 different encounters.
  1. Getting Darathar from 100% to 75%
  2. Getting Darathar from 100% to 50%
  3. Getting Darathar from 100% to 25%
  4. Getting Darathar from 100% to death.

The first time you attack him and he gets to 75%, he will AE stun the raid for 1 minute and will fly away. You actually have completed the first part now, and even if you wipe after, he will not fly again at 75%. Same counts for 50% and 25%. So as long as you get him once to 75% or 50% or 25%, you will be on next "part", as long as you don't zone out that is. Everytime he stuns and flies away, you will get the message that the encounter is broken. This is correct. He will get back each time also with full health.

One sidenote. atm the flying away can get bugged. He will stun, but not fly away. He will stay and kill members one by one, while you are stunned. But as I wrote, you will be on next part then, so except some extra repair costs, it doesn't really hurt. I've seen the bugging only at 75%, so not sure if it can happen at 50% and 25% too. Some people wrote on boards to allways zone once you get wiped, coz he will be bugged. This is terrible wrong information, since you will need to start over, and the fly bug can happen again at 75%

And another annoying, but not critical bug: at the #3 and #4 part, he will start complaining that his wings hurt. Tho it is funny, he will spam the message a lot. 10 times per second or so. This will make raid chat (if you have it in the same window) impossible to read. So either make another window for raid chat (or whatever chat you are using), or turn off vicinity chat.

It is also worth noting, that as of 22nd January 2009, Darathar does not fly away. He does make the emote about his wings as if he is going to fly off, he does stun SOME of the raid (not all), but he doesn't then proceed to beat everyone up. This happened at all 3 points (75%, 50%, 25%), so be prepared for him to fly... but also be prepared that it may not happen and people may end up stunned.

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