An Ugly Bounty  

NOTE: Threeko speaks Serilian but the tells he sends you are not and you get the update anyway..

  1. Examine a wanted poster by the rhino pen at Kylong Post in the Fens of Nathsar, at 504,13,1513 , to start this quest.
  2. Speak to Captain Sivisk, of the Riders of Ik, on top of the Kylong Post tower.
    1. Speak to Flaxen, a human female (the quest dialog may try to convince you that she's an elf) in Bathezid's Watch. She will send you to find Threeko at The Lake Ruins.
    2. On one of the platforms in the Yha-lei camp at 448,-108,727 in The Lake Ruins you will find a large stewpot and a very nervous burynai named
      Threeko, about to be magically delicious!
      Threeko, about to be magically delicious!
      Threeko. He asks you to save him from the stewpot.
      1. Kill Murgurgl at 473,-115,567 on the northeast corner of the eastern-most platform to get the supper shackle key. His spawn time is 72 minutes (one Norrathian day). Beware of camp stealers! This mob is contested and he DOES drop loot.
      2. Kill the 4 hypnoglobs around Threeko.
      3. Hail Threeko to free him. His name will instantly change to Threeko the Ugly, exclaim "Great galloping globs! I'm free, but in the middle of a fish market. Help me!", and run off at high speed. ONLY the first person to hail him will get the update. It is probable that this is a bug, as his dialog breaks when he changes his name. His respawn time is 15 minutes.
    3. Return to Flaxen in Bathezid's Watch.
      • Note that she mentions a lute.
  3. Return to Captain Sivisk
    • Note that he says the Lute of Veeshan is NOT something he asked for. Seems Flaxen is playing you...
  4. He sends you to find 6 coins:
    • Note that if your inventory is full you cannot harvest these coins and you will receive no message warning you of this. Your quest will not update. You will then not be able to click on the boxes and require GM assistance to fix this.
    • Torsis Ton Coin: "Look where the needles surround a bleak libation."
      • Kill Scales, a huge croc in the Swamp of No Hope at -1251,-135,1371 or -1515,-114,1632 . Respawn timer: 2 hours
    • Royal Crown of Dalnir: "Held by shapen boughs in corrals of arcane voyagers."
      • Harvestable, near Arcanaught Ska'Tu in the Sarnshak Encampment, at -992,-203,-967 .
    • Terraz Ton Coin: "Where Kloks met Glox and between the armor's arch."
      • Harvestable in the Ruins of Cabilis, at 364,18,-1506 .
    • Veksar Gran Coin: "Where those of ancient earthen curse, wield hammers over flames."
      • Kill Bisbing the Fuzzy in the Mines of Nurga at 99,48,-2151 . Respawn timer: 72 minutes (1 Norrathian day)
    • Danak Gran Coin: "Where the lost flock of Frontier warm their shepherd."
      • Harvestable at the foot of Gregor Thunderfist's bed in Camp Kromdek, at -876,-292,-1904 .
    • Ik Gran Coin: "Within the mind of the one that burned with Ganak."
      • Harvestable inside the Skull of Jaled Dar in the Field of Bone, at -1436,-371,-1488 .
  5. Return to Captain Sivisk
  6. Return to Flaxen
  7. Go to Kurn's Tower
    1. Dismantle a shambling skeleton at -1939,-371,-1919 . Get close and hail him, then announce your intentions! Once you kill him you have 15 minutes to rescue Threeko!
    2. Climb the ramp and defend yourself against groups of Riders of Ik at each turn. 2 will be on each section of the ramp (all are 70v ), with 4 at the top (73v Heroic).
    3. When you reach the top, The Shadow Rider (70^ Heroic), and a praetorian tracker (70vv Heroic) are pushing Threeko to his death. Rescue him! (Hint: you can't. He will fall to his death no matter how fast you kill them all)
  8. Return to Bathezid's Watch, give Flaxen the bad news about her partner, and speak to Grand Acumen Ralosk to complete the quest!
For a Few Coins More Thuuga
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OOC The quest titles in this series are an homage to Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy" of spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastwood. This quest's title loosely refers to the film, "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

NOTE: If you are a mage and took the Band of Thuuga because there was no INT item that increased damage, sell the Band (for 69 12 ) and then talk to Grand Acumen Ralosk to be offered a chance to buy the Bangle of Thuuga (for 70 ).

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