A Thing of the Past  

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Phinea's Notebook
Min Coin: 15g, 83s, 87c
Max Coin: 16g, 92s, 96c
A History of Veksar

Talk to Scholar Phinea inside the building at Omen's Call.

  1. Collect a page on the ground at 40, 6, -195 in Veksar: The Invasion.
  2. Grab the other 5 pages in the other rooms and hallways.
  3. Go back to the room where the first page was ( 40, 6, -195 ) and examine the book Phinea gave you.
  4. Take the materials back to Phinea. You may want to do this before going into the undead area as her next quest involves mobs in there.

Fens of Nathsar
Quest Series
Completing the Tale
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