Testaments of Stone  

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The Tome of Stone
Bronlor's Altar of Brell Serilis
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This is the fourth quest in the Brell Serilis Deity quest line.

Bronlor Stormhammer informs you that Brell wishes to the reclaiming of the dwarven city of Kaladim and the restoration of the Underfoot Cathedral within. Four sacred artifacts of the dwarves need to be recovered. Three are found within Kaladim as follows:

  • Slay Crackbak the Scavenger ( 140, 20, -100 ) at Heroes' Hold in Kaladim to recover the Tooth of Brell, a diamond chisel.
  • Find the Tankard of Kazon in Stormhammer Keep at -215, 45, -85 directly behind the throne. There are lots of ratonga here with stifle poisons, so take a friend if the zone isn't grey. Test the Tankard in the Brell's Brew River ( -141, 44, -236 . Don't swim in the river, try near the banks).
  • Find the Tome of Stone, a holy book inscribed on granite. It's in the Hidden Nest, located by swimming underwater beneath the waterfall then through an underwater entrance at -155, 40, -200 in Kaladim. The Tome itself is at -210, 55, -190 .

The final artifact is the Candlelight Cleaver, an axe made to slay undead and carried by a paladin of Brell. He was slain in the Mistmoore Catacombs upon the Honored Perch. Examine a paladin helm at -70, -120, -80 to spawn a vampiric dwarf paladin. Slay him to retrieve the axe.

Once all of this is done, return to Bronlor to receive your reward.

The Anguished Children of the Duke Brell Serilis
Quest Series
Restoring the Underfoot Cathedral
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