Scout Jamboree  

CategoryJarsath Wastes
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 9g, 46s, 1c
Max Coin: 10g, 51s, 2c
Faction Changes:

Collect Field Reports skill
Collect Field Reports skill
Battlemaster Kythe asks you to collect 6 field reports from his scouts that have not yet reported to him. Seek out the 6 scouts and retrieve their reports without interrupting their work. In this quest you will use a new ability called "Collect Field Reports" that can be found in the abilities section of your Knowledge Book. Hail the scout first to get them to stop running for a moment.

The scouts each have a route, all but one of which brings them eventually back to the watering hole where the rhinos are.

Retrieve the reports and return to Battlemaster Kythe for your reward.

The Diviner Will See You Now Jarsath Wastes
Quest Series
Sel'Nok Command Post
Faction: The Sel'Nok Brigade
Propaganda Proliferation
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