Frozen Foods  

This quest got additional rewards with GU45.

Harvest enough foodstuffs from the shrubs and dens in Everfrost to feed a starving halfling.

Harvest 100 foodstuffs and receive your choice a lovely dining plate or a Teir'dal shot glass.

Items which give quest updates do not go into your inventory.

According to Domino, the EQ2 Tradeskill Dev, "The quests are infinitely repeatable, though they cap at level 50 and will start greying out on the XP after that (they shouldn't be giving a huge amount anyway though). But you can still get them."

ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for some of the info in this article.
Allakhazam credits this post by Domino at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.

Hungry Halfling
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