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Eitholi, Blade of the Fae

Command of the Fayefolk language is required to start or complete this quest.

  1. Speak with Eitharbor at -357, -28, -560 in the Nursery area of Greater Faydark by climbing a tree at the Southern end of the beach.
    • He casts a spell on you, Safe Passage, that he tells you will grant total invisibility so long as you do not cast or attack. It also suspends movement buffs. The spell will take effect the moment you zone into Butcherblock Mountains
  2. Pick up Aviak Eggs in the Butcherblock Mountains at 508,399,-554 .
    • This is at the very back of Kragploom Roost, up a very narrow rock ramp to a nest.
    • WARNING!!! When you take the egg you become visible! You have been betrayed!
  3. Return to Eitharbor.
  4. He then becomes attackable as 30^^^ Heroic. Kill him to finish the Quest and receive your Blade.
The Blade Within The Keep Eitholi, Blade of the Fae
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