Gnomish Gnegotiations  

Related Zones:
Min Coin: 29g, 85s, 79c
Max Coin: 32g, 94s, 88c
Faction Changes:

Aggi Stonefist would like you to speak to the gnomish pirates in the harbor and see if they will give her their gnomish cannon recipe.

  1. Go see Fenwick (who is back in Great Divide on the dock in Thurgadin Harbor 1293, -540, 472 ). He'll give you the recipe. The recipe will not show in your inventory until you have returned and spoken to Aggi Stonefist again.
    • The door to the harbor is at 985, -308, 367 .
  2. Return to Aggi Stonefist (at 699, -322, 360 ).
Destiny of Velious Tradeskill
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