Wine for the Lady (Gorowyn)  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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Thundermist Merlot
Pretty Pink Goggles

Get the Thundermist Merlot from Abner Siblet so that Barb Islenet will give you the pink goggles, so that Zoe Hertzflip will give you the marked cards, so that Frethe Zizlop will give you the tin hat, so the gods will stop talking to Blat Berisen!

Abner Siblet can be found at:

  • In The City of Freeport (North), inside The Jade Tiger's Den, at -106, -21, -79
  • In Greater Faydark, upstairs inside Joleena's Restaurant, at 538, 78, 320
  • In Qeynos Capitol District (South Qeynos), inside The Lion's Mane, at 560.30, -9.56, 131.04
  • In Neriak, at the Dockside Markets bar near tradeskill area at -157, 3, 243 .
  • In Gorowyn, standing around The Dragon's Anchor at 2594, 86, 1310 .

Ogled Goggles Bristlebane Day
Quest Series
Tin Metal Protection
Fribles's Fate
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Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!

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