The Immortal Pest  

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Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar's Essence
Min Coin: 20g, 31s, 56c
Max Coin: 23g, 34s, 61c
Choice Of:
Fistblade of Restoration
Maulhammer's Blocker
Swiftblade of the Ascent
Wall of the Southern Lord
Rime Barrier of Rebirth

Speak to Viglundr Doomforge at 526,-357,824 in the Storm Gorge Staging Camp within Great Divide to begin this quest.

  1. Speak with Terig the Lost in the Forgotten Pools
  2. Journey to the top of the Forgotten Pools and defeat Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar.
  3. Place Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar's Essence in the mausoleum of the Lost Ones in the Forgotten Pools.
  4. Speak with Terig the Lost in the Forgotten Pools.
  5. Bring Veeshan's Claw Tip to Viglundr Doomforge at the Storm Gorge Staging Camp.

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Great Divide
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Storm Gorge Staging Camp

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