The Story of the Rat Queen  

This quest is initiated by reading the book, The Rat Queen of Vermin's Snye. This book can be purchased from Sage Indis Surion in South Qeynos (in the Mage's Tower). It consists of a seres of kill tasks. After each step you must read the book again to get the next. They are:

  1. 7 a crumbling tomb guard
  2. 5 a festering zombie
  3. 6 a crumbling tomb guard
  4. 7 a Bloodsaber proficient
  5. 6 a Bloodsaber adept
  6. 5 a Bloodsaber proficient
  7. 8 a ravenous cube
  8. 5 a ravenous cube
  9. 10 a large tomb vermin near 40, 0, -140

The reward is a furniture version of the book, which can be placed in your home and read.

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