Some Testing Required  

Hrath has determined that Sarnak possess a resistance to the Greenmist, so he is working to develop a contagion they will succumb to. To this end, he wants me to help him field test his latest batch on the orcs of Zek, the Orcish Wastes.

  1. Travel to Zek, the Orcish Wastes
  2. Use Hrath Everstill's Orcish Obfuscation
  3. Use the Decaying Mist Prototype on 4 Orcs. They all die.
  4. Use the Antidote Prototype on an Orc, then use the Decaying Mist Prototype on him. Do this 3 times. They all die.
  5. Use Hrath's Gem of the Simulacre to contact him.
  6. Find an herbalist and acquire an alchemical component known as efflorescent serum. Add this to the vaccine and test it's effectiveness again.
    1. Go to the Green Hoods in Three Toes Valley, and speak to Katrien Bogmoir in the barn.
    2. Examine the serum and combine it with the antidote, yielding one dose of Efflorescent Serum-Infused Antidote Prototype.
      • Yes, you don't actually HAVE any Antidote Prototype left to combine it with, but the quest will still give you the new antidote!
  7. Now, use Hrath Everstill's Orcish Obfuscation, inject an Orc with the Efflorescent Serum-Infused Antidote Prototype and then spray him with the last dose of Decaying Mist Prototype.
    • He will not die, but he WILL attack you (even if grey).
  8. Return to Hrath Everstill in Timorous Deep
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