The Gavel of Justice  

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Gavel of Justice

This quest is initiated by examining one of the headstones at 120, -17.5, 145.7 in Everfrost.

You must slay some Valkyries in Everfrost - the number varies. We recommend you do this right next to the entrance to Icespire Summit, because after you kill one Valkyrie (the ___ Maidens) then your faction will drop to kill on sight.

After this you must search for a hammer near the Icespire Summit entrance. When you walk near the entrance the hammer will spawn -99.4, 59.61, -904.94 . Examine it.

After doing this return to the gravestone. Completing all five quests in this series will spawn a Halasian Ghost, who grants access to Icespire Summit.

The Twin Mining Picks Everfrost
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Blades of the Wolf
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