The Hand of Glory  

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The Hand of Glory
Min Coin: 16g, 49s, 60c
Max Coin: 18g, 90s
Choice Of:
Totem of the Kraken
Ranger's Sphere of Intelligence
Deathly Knight's Sphere of Strength
Dire Totem of the Fortuitous
Faction Changes:

Havras "Hack" Scutter has asked for your help in finding a powerful artifact called the Hand of Glory. It was rumored to be on a ship bound for Qeynos in ages past, but the ship was sunk along the coast as it passed near the Timorous Moors.

  1. Find a clue regarding the location of the Hand of Glory (chest in the sea, near the coast -66.13, -7.40, 511.02 ).
  2. Find out how to open the chest. (a scroll on the beach, near the chest -92.72, -3.59, 464.52 )
  3. Summon the sea creature that swallowed the key to the treasure chest holding the Hand of Glory.
    • This is accomplished by searching the beach for several dead fish which need to be moved and placed next to a large bucket located at 21.25,-3.73,451.80 . Five Fish seemed to do the job. Shortly after, you will get a message talking of the smell of rotting flesh in the air, and shortly after that, Fhoorl-Kurrat will walk out of the sea to eat the dead fish.
    • Fhoorl is a level 65^^^ Heroic that is easily killed with a small group or even soloable at level 70. Killing Fhoorl will update your quest.
  4. Return to the chest in the shipwreck, loot the Hand of Glory, and return to Hack Scutter in Somborn to collect your reward, and open up the next quest in the line, Dom of the Elani.

League of Freethinkers
Quest Series
Dom of the Elani
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