Tweezing Kerra  

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Silver Tweezers

This is the second in the erudite racial series. It is given by Vess Al'Ishni after you complete the Erudite Alchemy quest.

You must first speak with Sevri Il'Bethod in Stonestair Byway. Sevri will give you a pair of Silver Tweezers. Put these tweezers in a charm slot and then drag them onto your toolbar. Move through the zone and use them on any Kerra to gather a sample. You need 5 of these samples.

After obtaining 5 you should bring them to Sevri, who will then give you the Incantation Oration quest.

Erudite Alchemy Freeport Villages
Quest Series
Race: Erudite
Stonestair Byway
Incantation Oration
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