The Fallen Swords: All Roads Lead To...  

Game Update #61
August 25, 2011

I have spoken with Al'Kabor, and it seems that the time has come to confront Rallos Zek. First, we must rally the children of Zek, Vallon, Tallon, and Sullon, and bring them on board with our plan. Once that is done, I should seek out Erus Dal'viv and help him prepare to enter the Plane of War.

  1. Get the blessing of Tunare and Cazic-Thule:
  2. Return to Al'Kabor.
  3. Speak with the Zek siblings:
    • Speak with Tallon Zek in Tallon's Cloister
    • Speak with Vallon Zek in Vallon's Retreat
    • Speak with Sullon Zek in Sullon's Sanctum
  4. Speak with Erus Dal'viv in The Fortress of Drunder.
  5. Collect essences from war leaders in Elements of War (normal or challenge):
  6. Take the ingredients to Grelik Velgorg in The Fortress of Drunder.
  7. Speak with Erus Dal'viv in Drunder.

The children of Zek are ready to confront their father, the other gods of the pantheon have given their consent, and Erus stands ready to deliver the swords to the Plane of War. The final conflict with Rallos Zek will be fought in the home of the Warlord himself, and hopefully, the fabled Swords of Destiny will live once again.

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