Grand Theft Artifact  

CategoryRavenscale Repository
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Related Items:
Ankh of Ydal
Min Coin: 36g, 79s, 48c
Max Coin: 39g, 88s, 53c
Choice Of:
Bracelet of Freethinking
Ralem's Wrist Chain
Faction Changes:

  1. Find an invaluble artifact in Ravenscale Repository
    • an animation of Mayong Mistmoore
      an animation of Mayong Mistmoore
      Loot R'Jhere's Severed Hand and Illusion of the Head Archivist from the corpse of Head Archivist R'Jhere. Use the projector at 0,7,-290 and place the hand on the projector to summon the animated Mayong Mistmoore projection.
    • Equip and use the Illusion of the Head Archivist and then talk to Mayong Mistmoore. This will unlock the chest further on in the zone.
      • Note that anyone talking to the animated Mayong without the effect of the robe will summon a Repository guardian.
    • Open the chest at -87,17,-364 to get the Ankh of Ydal and complete this step. The previous two steps are silent updates, and only one person gets the hand or robe so they must coordinate to unlock the chest. The chest will update the quest for everyone in the group, however.
  2. Return to Marshal Ralem Christof in the Village of Somborn.

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The Shadow Odyssey
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