Picking up the Pieces  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
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recovered box of supplies
Min Coin: 22s, 72c
Max Coin: 25s, 79c
Choice Of:
Earring of Tribal Ceremonies
Facet of Tribal Ceremonies
Earhoop of Tribal Ceremonies
Spike of Tribal Bones

Speak to Grimshaw Packwright in East Fort Irontoe to begin this quest.

He asks that you salvage six crates from the ransacked caravan. The crates are generally found near The Quarry, which can be reached by taking the nearby tunnel south until you take its eastern fork.

  1. Collect 6 supply crates in The Quarry. There are several spawn points for the crates and they frequently respawn in one of the other spots each time you grab one. Known locations:
    • -468,151,-50
    • -434,151,47
    • -463,153,65
    • -434,130,6
    • -408,132,20
    • -428,128,-27
    • -249,148,309
    • -286,151,229
    • -311,150,197.67
    • -364,150,151.51
    • -366,150,136.97
    • -366,150,136.88
  2. Return to Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe.

Dark Tides Butcherblock Mountains
Quest Series
Sarnak Sympathizer
Ain't No Monkey Business
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