Casualties of the War of the Fay  

This quest starts in Tunares Pages, in the City of Kelethin in Greater Faydark and is given to you by The Master Bowyer Mossberge ( 454.54,97.43, 354.37 ) ,

Master Bowyer Mossberge said that the last known location of the Faydark's Champions was near the mouth of the Long Draw River in the Loping Plains over three centuries ago. It may be a long shot but I could look around there for a clue. If I want to begin investigating Master Bowyer Mossberge's Legend I should start by searching the location in the Loping Plains he mentioned.

Go to the Loping Plains, the go to the Mouth of the Long Draw River, where it comes out of the mountain, there you will find a level 52 ^^^ Heroic a wounded werewolf, kill him, once you kill him Ranger Oast ( -49,12,-434 ) , will call you over, there you talk to him about Faydark's Champion's he sends you to find Captain Trueshot in Lesser Faydark.

Once you are in Lesser Faydark, head South of the Wu Encampment, there you should find Captain Trueshot ( 941.22, 81.18, -180.57 ) Speak to Captian Trueshot and he will give you some information on what the Faydark's Champions have been up to all this time. You offer to help Captian Trueshot in his hunt for the werewolf dragoons. He instructs you to create a Rain Caller Bow for him. You need to collect the materials for the bow.

  • You need to find a spool of dwarven wire. You must buy the wire from Mender Horon Bronzethumb ( -220.14, 210.73, -139.83 ) in West Fort Irontoe, In Butcherblock Mountains the only problem is that you need +10,000 faction with The Irontoe Brigade. You can do this many different ways: either by killing or doing quests.
  • You need to find two perfect micro servos. Any clockwork in Klak`Anon that is level 52 or higher has a chance to update the quest. Clockworks of a lower level (found mostly near the front of the zone) do not provide the possible update.
  • You need to find a bough of Moonlight Wood. Where am I going to find that? Moonlight wood comes from the Moolight trees. These trees magically appear in the middle of the night (Apx 10:00pm to 4:00 am game time) and vanish before dawn. Sadly, only one of these trees still exsist after the burning of the Faydark during the war. It can sometimes be found at night on a high cliff overlooking the entrance to the Koada'Dal city of Felwithe in Greater Faydark ( -1006, 115, 428 ) . You foresting needs to be at 245 to get the wood from the tree
  • I need to get some Gold Fairy Dust. Legend says only a Fae Princess can create the dust.
    1. To get the Gold Fairy Dust, you should got talk to Princess Saphronia in Greater Fayfark in the Tree City of Kelethin ( 389.00, 145.19, 164.35 ) . If you're a Fae, she'll simply hand over the dust when you ask. If you're not, then she tells you that she will not help you. You can then strike a deal with her to help restore her family protector, Sir Gearheart, and in return she will give you the Gold Fairy Dust. This starts the quest: Saphronia's Request, a level 55 Heroic quest.
    2. You need to get a power source to reactivate Sir Gearheart. Maybe the clockworks of Klak'Anon have something you can use. + Goto Klak'Anon and then head to the Court of Innovation ( 11.02, 11.37, 85.55 ) Clear the zone till you get to the end where you need to kill King Klak'Anon, he will turn into King Klak'Anon the Mechnamaxiumus then after you kill him, make sure you pick up a charged clockwork gear that he drops, After you kill the second king the Master Clockwork Protocol comes to life and tries to kill you, kill him to 10% then USE the charged clockwork gear you got from King Klak'Anon the Mechnamaxiumus to destroy the Master Clockwork Protocol's Stone Skin and then finish him off to get your update for the MCP power cell. Head back to see if it works for Sir Gearheart. When you get back right click on Sir Gearheart, then insert the MCP power cell, then talk to Princess Saphronia to receive your Gold Fairy Dust.

After you gain all the items you need to find a Bowyer that can assemble them. Head back the the city of Kelethin, in Greater Faydark and speak with Master Bowyer Mossberge. He will make the Trueshot Bow for you, but in order for you to create the Rain Caller Bow you need the enchanment of a High Elf. He mentioned there was one living near where you got the Moonlight Wood and that you should seek him out. The High Elf you are looking for is located inside a hollowed out stump near the entrance of Felwithe also know as New Tunaria in Greater Faydark his name is Fethinal the Enchanted ( -838.00, 71.31, 542.53 ) . Speak with him. Fethinal the Enchanted was able to enchant my components into a Newly Created Rain Caller Bow.

Now that you have a Newly Created Rain Caller Bow, you should take it to Captain Trueshot in the Lesser Faydark so that he has new equipment to fight the werewolves. Once you return to Captain Trueshot you tell him you were able to make the Newly Created Rain Caller Bow for him, he then asks for it in exchange for your reward but unfortunatly it burns him when he touches it. It appears that Fethinal the Enchanted imbued the bow to you. Captian Trueshot askes if you would be willing to kill the Werewolf Dragoons for him since he cannot use the Newly Created Rain Caller Bow you agree and begin scouting them out.

I need to find Dragoon V'Riv in the Butcherblock Mountains and defeat him. o Dragoon V'Riv spawns as a Teir Dal, Up along Dragnors Pass, near the sealed entrance of The Estate of Unrest ( -295.55, 183.42, 704.39 ) ., He is a pain actually even though he is grey, once you kill him and he is laying on the floor use the Newly Created Rain Caller Bow to get your update

  • I need to find Dragoon K'Geth in the Lesser Faydark and defeat him.
    • Dragoon K'Geth spawns as a Teir Dal, up near Fugutr Tribe, ( 200.21, 14.95, -279.49 ) He is a pain actually even though he is grey, once you kill him and he is laying on the floor use the Newly Created Rain Caller Bow to get your update.

With the dragoon lieutenants down, only the head of the dragoon unit remains. I need to hunt him down and ensure the lycanthropic dragoons never return to Neriak. I need to find the dragoon leader, Dragoon Cpt. K'Venx , and eliminate him.

Dragoon Cpt. K'Venx is Located in Lesser Faydark ( ( 322.48,0.98,561.44 ) head to the SouthWest area of Lesser Faydark (thru Aphotic Intersection to where all the Elementals are) .. probably get ambushed by the pack master and friends on the way...

Once in the area head to your left and climb the long root up to the ledge .. Dragoon Cpt. K'Venx will pop as you get there .. don't forget to use the Newly Created Rain Caller Bow on him Once you kill Dragoon Cpt. K'Venx head back to Captian Trueshot to tell him of your success. Once you tell Captian Trueshot of your victory you find out that he is actually a Vampire, and now that you have defeated their sworn enemies they will enter into Lord Mistmoore's service and be allowed to feed on the blood of the living starting with you. Defend yourself!

Once you kill Captian Trueshot, Huntmaster Viswin will spawn and yell at you for ruining his game, he then takes your RainCaller Bow as a Prize to his Masters abode, He then sends a ^^^Level 60 Werewolf Pack Leader and three Level 60 ^Direwolfs to attack you.

After you dispatch the mobs, you need to get your RainCaller Bow back from Huntsmaster Viswin before he takes it into Castle Mistmoore! Head to the Loaping Plains, from Lesser Faydark to catch Huntmaster Viswin on the steps of Castle Mistmoore. Huntmaster Viswin is a level 60^^^ group x2 Epic Fight. He has a bunch of dogs which pop when you get anywhere near that part of the zone. Have your group stay near the zone in line because, if you can see Huntmaster Viswin, then your to close.

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