Gruedheim Steel  

Examine a piece of very old steel from a weapon rack in Crushbone Keep at 2, 25, -60 .

I came upon a weapon rack inside Crushbone Keep that held an odd piece of steel. It looked very, very old and did not seem to belong with the other orc equipment. An inscription on the steel suggests that it could be made into a weapon of some potency. Perhaps there is magic at work here, but in any case, I will follow this course and see where it leads.

Kill one each the following:

  • a Crushbone conscript
  • a Crushbone centurion
  • a Crushbone emissary
  • a Crushbone oracle
  • a Crushbone thaumaturgist
  • a Crushbone trainer
  • a Crushbone legionnaire
  • a Crushbone torturer ( 58, -40, 33 )

Examine the ore again.

  • Gather dirt in Crushbone Keep by clicking a dirt pile at 36, -39, 58

Examine the ore again.

  • Talk to Turgo Bargedown at -905, 118, 222 in Greater Faydark.
  • Talk to Burgef Steelwight at -1164, 125, 58 in Greater Faydark.
  • Kill a Crushbone guardmaster at -1072, 123, 134 in Greater Faydark.
  • Talk to Burgef Steelwight again to finish the quest and receive your reward.

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