The Proof of the Pudding  

This is the final step of the Tradeskill Epic. This step is for all classes.

Return to Neeta Cabbageleaf in Rivervale. She thinks she can make an earring very much like her grandmother's. She'd like you to get some ingredients for her grandmother's recipes. You'll need other crafters to use the commission system for this. You get a recipe for your own class's component.

As of Feb 5, 2009, the products are now heirloom and can be passed through the Shared Bank between characters on the same account, so if you have multiple crafting masters you can make your own quest updates!

You'll need one each of the following, all of which should sound familiar to EverQuest players:

Your Shopping List:

Crafting Class cloak picture
from EQ2 Traders Corner

The quest will update as you have the items made, and the items go into your inventory. When you have them all, return to Neeta in Rivervale and receive your Earring of the Solstice. You will be mailed a Master crafter certificate. When you get it from your mail you'll receive your Master crafter title.

But you still haven't gotten your cloak! This bit isn't in your journal. Remember talking to Danelak Hosefoak at Bathezid's Watch way back when? He said:

"There's one story I heard, about the Cabbageleaf family and some of the remarkable jewelry they learned to create. Perhaps if you're ever in Rivervale you should look them up. If you do learn more, please let me know."

Go fill him in on the latest news from Rivervale and receive your Tradeskill Class Cloak.


All classes:

Class specific certificate:

Class specific cloak:

ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for some of the info in this article.

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