Aether Racing: Gorowyn  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
City Token
Title: Wind Warden
Choice Of:
Gray C.R.A.S.H. Pad
Blue C.R.A.S.H. Pad
Green C.R.A.S.H. Pad
Dark C.R.A.S.H. Pad
Red C.R.A.S.H. Pad

  1. Begin by speaking to the Aether Racing Referee by the dock at 2321, 14, 1399 .
  2. Step on the teleport pad to begin the race. You must dismount first.
  3. Complete the Gorowyn (Timorous Deep) course as quickly as possible! This may take several runs to master.
  4. When you go through the final ring you will be flung toward the docks and put in a feign death position to prevent falling damage (and an untimely death!). Use your sit/stand hotkey (default: x) to get up from this position once you land. If you have a featherfall effect you may want to stand while floating down so you don't end up in the middle of the ocean.


General Rewards

Gorowyn Only

This aether race was introduced for the July 2011 Gorowyn City Festival.

Players race on unstable gnomish C.R.A.S.H. pads as they compete against each other in Aether races!

City Festivals
Occur monthly from the 1st through the 7th
and rotate through the major cities of Norrath.

The April City Festival is in Qeynos!

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