A Bold Confrontation  

CategoryCity Tasks
Level70 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
City Token

Raid Information
Guild Level5
Mentor to5
Sizex2 (Min: x2)
Raid ZoneShattered Vale: A Bold Confrontation
ExpansionThe Shattered Lands
QuestA Bold Confrontation
Starting ZoneQeynos Harbor or East Freeport
Required by all?unknown
Success3 days 20 hours
Failure8 hours
This is the first of 6 City Tasks given by Royal Accountant Fowler in Qeynos Harbor and by City Registrar Glamis in East Freeport. It is given once your guild attains level 5. It is an Epic x2 raid.

You are required to zone your raid into a special instance of the Shattered Vale, where you will have to defeat several Epic Gnolls, including High Shaman Vascha.


What will be needed for this Raid, and what should we be doing?:

  • 1 - Main Tank: Obviously you will need to keep aggro with the Main Boss. Do not worry about anything else
  • 1 - Off Tank: Keep Agro with ALL adds in the zone.
  • 1 - Off Tank Healer: Healing the Off Tank, So he/she can keep agro with the adds.
  • 1 - Off Tank DPS: Assisting the Off Tank in Killing the adds.
  • 8 - Everyone else: Assisting or healing the Main Tank

Notes: This Raid is won by controlling the adds and striking down the main boos as quick as possible. A Lot of adds spawn once you are on the main boss, so you'll need a decent equipped MT for this task. I did this with ease on Rayn (70 Paladin) mentored to 33 and having only Xegonite armor.

Walk Through:
  • Upon entering the zone and once you are situated, there will be 2 groups of mobs right away, in the pathway leading out. Kill these in what ever fashion you like. MT and OF take one mob each. Practice Assisting for the later adds.
  • Head to the end of the cavern, but do not go out. Stay back in just a little bit to avoid the roamers.
  • MT - Walks out and pulls roamers (one at a time or however you feel comfortable) back into the cavern to the raid force.
Do this until all roamers are defeated.
  • MT - can now walk out to the end of the dirt path (outside the cavern) and pull the group of mob from the mage circle to him. The fight will happen at the end of the dirt path outside the cavern.
  • Defeating the group of mobs will then spawn 1 big mob, now the ADDs start coming in - OT get ready for your job, as you are now up for some action.
  • Once the main boss is defeated, the remaining Raid force can then help with the adds. (kill the main boss first)

Allakhazam credits this post by Raidi Sovin'faile at the SOE Official Forums for the map.
ZAM would like to thank Rayn's EQ2 Raids for some of the information in this article.

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