Fribles's Fate (Neriak)  

Find and kill Belazzor Fribles, the Inept so that Abner Siblet will give you the wine, so that Barb Islenet will give you the pink goggles, so that Zoe Hertzflip will give you the marked cards, so that Frethe Zizlop will give you the tin hat, so the gods will stop talking to Blat Berisen!

Belazzor Fribles is a triggered spawn, and it seems you have to touch just the right spot to spawn him. He will scale to your level. He can be found at:

  • In Antonica, near the Settler Camp directly south of the Qeynos Tower griffon station near 368, -20, 605 . He should have a tent on top of the hill.
  • In The Commonlands: Go to the northwest gate of The Crossroads, walk southwest along the moat to a rock at -382, -45, -295 , and then walk due west towards the water. Turn and he should pop right behind you.
  • In Darklight Wood, at the southern end of Innoruuk's scar near -561, -51, 23 .
  • In Greater Faydark: go down the Joleena's Restaurant Acorn Lift, turn southwest and walk. He should pop from behind the large tree on your left before you reach The Lesser Faydark, around 697, 9, 398 .
  • In Timorous Deep, the quest will take you to "the rocks south of the Blackshield camp" near 2938.15, 24.33, 999.57 .

When he's dead, backtrack and complete all the quests in the series.

Wine for the Lady Bristlebane Day
Quest Series
Tin Metal Protection
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Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!

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