Delving into Darkness  

This quest is given by Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael after you have completed the quest A Final Note. You must first grab a book on the right of the Antiquitor. Read it and then speak to him again.

You must then speak to Seeker Abdeef at ( -226, +160, -103 ) in Maj'Dul, near the entrance. Abdeef will send you back to The Living Tombs to collect a number of staves. These staves look like staffs on fire, and spawn all over the Trade Court, not far from the entrance. They are random spawns that can spawn anywhere in the court.

After collecting these return to Seeker Abdeef for your reward. He gives you his notes and a key with a peacock on it, left by someone named Marshal Ralem Christof. He said you would know what it was for.

A Final Note Peacock Club
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I Seek Knowledge
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