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Summon: The Tribunal's Bailiff
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This is the third deity quest for The Tribunal.

Justinian Theo in Timorous Deep starts the quest. He sends you to The Feerrott to work with Kaira L'or to unlock the Sacred Temple of Hammer. She is near the Greenblood river where it splits around Alliz Temple, just up from the Destroyed Druid Ring. Loc: -452.65, -531, 785.08 Kaira sends you to find the last two rune keys.

First key is at the Anaconda River, the first pile of rocks with reeds. Red and black box, and now glows to be seen easier in the water. Loc: -528.28, -6.20, 204.43 . Return to Kaira and give her the key. She sends you to find the second key.

Second key is near Kaira's location in the Greenblood River. Loc: -433.44, -16.10, 892.20 (Thanks and credit to Ximarre for finding the rune key!). Take the key to Kaira.

Return to Justinian Theo for your reward.

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