Aggressive Advertising in Qeynos  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Related Items:
stack of Qeynos Heroes' Festival band fliers
Choice Of:
Firework: Prismatic Burst
Firework: Confetti Shower
Firework: Rainbow Ring

This quest is repeatable with a two-hour cooldown. It can only be completed a maximum of 20 times.

Speak to Slippery Toughshield at 308, -20, -29 in North Qeynos, who asks you to advertise for his band.

Use the fliers in your inventory (either hotkey them or right-click from inventory) to give them to 10 different players. You can do this in any zone.

Once you've handed out all 10 return to Slippery next to the Claymore monument in North Qeynos.


The choice between:

Qeynos Band Aid Heroes' Festival
Quest Series
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Heroes' Festival
Occurs annually to celebrate the anniversary of EverQuest II.
(Introduced in 2010)

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