Saving Soles  

Command of the Goblish language is required to start or complete this quest.

This is the quest for the Golden Efreeti Boots. It is given by Charly Ashlash in Lavastorm. He roams the goblin area near -323, -130, 355 .

  1. Charly asks you to destroy some monsters in Lavastorm. You must slay:
    • 20 Crawlers - Lava crawlers just past the goblins
    • 20 Drakes - Volcanu and the lizards near the entrance both give credit here.
  2. Return to Charly. He will give you an Old Worn Right Boot. Examine the boot and the quest will update.
  3. Find the corpse of a smelly fish. This is referring to is a level 47 solo fish named Foulgill the Rotten who spawns near the docks. His placeholder is a slightly smelly fish that spawns at -176, -138, 544 and has a 6 minute spawn time. Either Foulgill or his placeholder will give you the bait and update this step.
  4. You now have a 2 hour timer. Bait the trap, which looks like a nest, at -566, -112, 410 . It you are doing this in a group make sure you all bait it quickly.
  5. A hungry goblin will run up to the trap. Immediately following this the Big Squiggly will spawn and attack the group. He is level 47^^^ and may require a full group if you are at level for this quest.
  6. After killing the Big Squiggly you will receive the right boot; examine it.
  7. Find an Efreeti to make sure the boots are truly Efreeti made. This is Tazgar in the Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm ( -334, -48, -682 ) . When you speak to him 4 mobs will spawn. Kill them and speak to him again.
  8. Tazgar will then send you to Solusek's Eye to kill fire giants until you receive a key. This is a semi-rare auto-updating drop. The giants are in fairly deep but are common on sublevel 5.
  9. Once you have the key you use it to disable the spires in Lavastorm. They are located at:
    • It's probably a good idea to finish with the third channeling spire, since that's closest to The Magolemus (needed for the next step).
    • First: In the goblins area near the first hill and it's guarded sometimes by four epic gobs ( -634, -111, 301 ) .
    • Second: Just past the temple on the way to Sol Eye, in a pit guarded by a bunch of drakes. Easy to find if you just hang a right and hold the wall upon exiting Temple area ( 120, -5, -465 ) .
    • Third: Up the final summit past the golems, right next to the gate that leads you to the FGs guarding Sol Eye door ( -115, 19, 75 ) .
    • Fourth: At Bunglegreeder ( -439, -99, 124 ) .
    • Fifth: In the middle of the lava fields area just before the summit to the temple ( -567, -28, -410 ) .
  10. Once the spires have been disabled you must defeat The Magolemus. This is a level 50^^^ mob who is located outside of Solusek's Eye in Lavastorm. He will not become targetable until after the spires are disabled. He will despawn 15 minutes after engaged and his respawn is 2 hours. He procs a single target knockback.
  11. After killing him A Projection of Najena will spawn; speak to her.
  12. Reactivate the spires that you disabled earlier.
  13. Return to Tazgar.
  14. Kill Efreeti Lord Djarn. He is located in the Bastion of Flames. This is a small instanced zone which is entered through Solusek's Eye (optional access quest: The Efreeti Bastion).
  15. After killing Efreeti Lord Djarn you can return to Tazgar for your reward.

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