Turning Turtle  

Speak to Cordelia Galeston at 345,190,493 in Butcherblock Mountains to begin this quest.

Cordelia believes you can help her make a nice shield from some turtle shells.

  1. Scribe the recipe that Cordelia gives you titled Turtle Shell Shield Sketches (uses the Woodcraft skill)
  2. Click the pile of shells on the table next to Cordelia at 343,190,494 . You will be given 4 Turtle Shells.
  3. Make two of the Turtle Shell Mageshields. To make both on the Woodworking Table in the Highland Outposts at 331,189,492 , you need:
    • 2 Turtle Shells
    • 4 rough agate
    • 2 carbonite cluster
    • 4 gold cluster
    • 6 sparkling sandpaper - purchase from Trader Whitlock at 334,189,492 (right next to the Woodworking table)
  4. Make two of the Turtle Shell Bucklers. To make both, you need:
  5. Return to Cordelia at the Highland Outposts


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