The Ever-Hungry Ahroun  

CategoryLoping Plains
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Choice Of:
Tribal Twine Earhoop
Tribal Twine Earring
Tribal Twine Stud
Tribal Twine Hoop
Faction Changes:

To start this quest you must get enough faction with The Lyrech.
This can be done by killing vampires in Mistmoore Catacombs, it is reported 1000 faction is enough.

(1) Talk to Ormanthus in Loping Plains at 30, 30, -129 during the day.

(2) Go to the small wooded area around 210, 93, 100 .
Kill 6 Ahroun blackclaws, 6 Ahroun blackstalkers and the rare named wanderer Vysra the Ever-Hungry who spawns at 220, 90, 91 .

(3) Return to Ormanthus for your reward.

Note: the named is super rare, took my group about 3 hours of camping to spawn it. On a 15-25 min timer

Collars of the Ahroun Loping Plains
Quest Series
Faction: The Lyrech
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